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Nature Reserved

As a nature reserved accommodation Mackay operator The Shores Holiday Apartments has achieved an Eco Certification status. Being home to a wide range of flora and fauna, provides visitors with a wonderful opportunity to seek out and observe nature.


Lush, green gardens planted with tropical species surround the property. They include lots of unusual and colorful flowering plants as well as traditional palm trees. Consequently every season the unique beauty of the flora changes.


Similarly, a large variety of native animals can be seen around the property and the adjacent beach reserve. Some call The Shores Holiday Apartments home all year around whilst others visit seasonally.

Often guests spot goannas lazing about enjoying the sunshine including The Shores resident goannas’, Wiggy, Ziggy and friends. They also love digging up the garden beds and getting into mischief.

Endangered, and therefore protected, Flatback Turtles lay their eggs on Blacks Beach between October and January. As a result the baby turtles hatch between December and the end of March. Only a lucky few get to see them emerge from their nests. An awesome sight.

Between June and November the east coast of Australia experiences the migration of Humpback Whales. They play in waters off the coast around Mackay and Blacks Beach from July to September. Sometimes they may be spotted directly off the beach at the front of The Shores or from The Shores viewing platform. 

Native birds and visiting migratory shore birds can be observed at The Shores Holiday Apartments. Endemic species include the tiny Sunbird, Tawny Frogmouth, Kookaburra, Plover and Red Tail Black Cockatoo. The visiting Migratory Shore Birds and waders can be seen on Blacks Beach near the spit during summer.

The Shores Holiday Apartments’ your best option when seeking a family friendly accommodation property in Mackay that has a green tick of approval from Eco Tourism Australia.



Local Flora & Fauna