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ECO Certification

The Shores Holiday Apartments provides ECO Certified Accommodation in Mackay. As a nature tourism accommodation provider we are committed to playing a role in the global quest for a more equal, inclusive and sustainable world.

Most importantly we provide an experience for our guests which is healthy, clean, green and sustainable. Our beachfront location also provides our guests with the opportunity to get close to nature whilst staying in a traditional, residential suburb.

Furthermore we educate and inform guests on local wildlife, the need to observe and protect marine turtle nesting and hatching, migratory shore birds, goannas, possums and snakes. Flat-back Turtles nest on Blacks Beach between mid-October and January with hatchlings emerging between December and the end of March.

Similarly we are always looking at ways to improve our environment. Some of the ways we do this is by having solar panels on roofs to reduce energy consumption. The windows and sliding doors in the office have solar tinting to help protect the office from the heat and glare of the afternoon sun. Likewise most units and the office also have insulation in the ceiling. 

Even more importantly we are committed to minimizing waste generation by reducing, reusing, and recycling products and materials when it does not compromise the health and safety of our guests or staff. 

General household waste from units is disposed of in green wheelie bins. Green waste is disposed of through a weekly large skip Green Waste collection service. Wheelie bins with yellow lids are for the disposal of recyclable domestic garbage.  Two recyclable skips with yellow lids are for the disposal of larger recyclable items. In addition we have four large canvas bags for disposal of glass bottles and aluminium cans under the recycling program, Containers for Change, introduced in Queensland on the 1st November 2018.

Most noteworthy, because of this program the income generated for the refundable items is donated to the Mackay and District Turtle Watch Association to help them protect and educate about the endangered Flat Back turtles who nest on our beach every year. 

We also work with Mackay Regional Council to manage the adjacent beach foreshore in accordance with the Blacks Beach Local Coastal Plan 2017. Council also provides interpretative signage at the viewing platform at The Shores entrance to the beach so we can educate locals and visitors about local conservation.

Above all we want our guests to better understand and recognize the relationship between sustainable tourism and environmental protection and that both can be achieved in harmony.

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